Grey Malin's New Summertime Radness

If you're not already familiar with the fun, colourful work of photographer Grey Malin, you will be. Injecting fantasy and creative composition into every space they're displayed, Malin's playful, almost fantasy-like photos approach life and leisure from a different perspective, namely from above. His beach and pool scenes reference his predecessors Slim Aarons and Massimo Vitali, but convey a modern youth and energetic vibe when similar subjects are viewed from a totally unique angle. "I'm inviting everyone to live a jet-set lifestyle with the idea that every day can be a getaway," Malin describes. With the recent launch of his new website and a slew of original product lines based on his beachy-keen and worldly shots, the interior world is about to get a whole lot sunnier.


A spirit of adventure and travel perpetuates Malin's photography work, whether it's aerial view photos of the world's beaches (shot from a door-less helicopter) or unusual subjects in fantasy settings (think: a lonely, colourful beach umbrella on the frozen tundra of Antarctica). Malin is a free spirit, travelling to all seven continents in order to get the perfect shot, which, as of today, are now available on a variety of unusual subjects. "I never imagined that a photograph could take you beyond the wall," Malin says. "Now it's about capturing a moment you want to live within--and translating it to new and exciting places." New prints from Australia and Miami, iPhone cases, and large-scale removable wallpaper featuring Malin's iconic beach scenes will project a summer-time vibe all year round.
_thumb9 _thumb7-lifes-a-beach _thumb8
 Swimmers iPhone Cover, $45, Grey Malin  Lisbon Beach Wallpaper, $495, Grey Malin  The Swimming Pool Print, from $300, Grey Malin
_1 The photographer, inspired by the colours and shapes of his work, is expanding his artistic repertoire to include decorative objects and interior accessories. Based on the repeated shapes and shadows of beach umbrellas from above, Malin collaborated with Boston-based ceramicist Jill Rosenwald on a collection of hand-painted trays, bowls, vases, and lamps. In the same vein, Malin worked with interior designer Amber Lewis on a special edition pillow inspired by his photograph, Llamas with Black and White Balloons. The black and white plush accessory features a silk ikat cover with hot pink exaggerated tassels, reminiscent of similar ornamentation worn by the llamas in the photo.
_thumb5 _thumb6 _thumb4
 Monaco Cylinder Lamp, $595, Grey Malin  Ikat Pillow, $165, Grey Malin  Monaco Large Tray, $345, Grey Malin


Possibly the most unique offering Malin is introducing is his collaboration with Almond Surfboards & Designs to bring his aerial celebrations of summer bliss to surfboards. "The artistic level of each board extends beyond sport into a piece of art that can be hung in the home as a stand-out sculptural piece," Malin describes. With a portion of proceeds going to charitable organisation SurfAid International, the new line is a perfectly unique way to display Malin's work in your home, unless you're a surfer yourself, then by all means, grab a board and get out there.
_thumb1-stropez _thumb2-chicago _thumb3-capetown
 St. Tropez Joy Surfboard, $2499, Grey Malin  Chicago Lumberjack Surfboard, $2999, Grey Malin  Capetown Joy Surfboard, $2299, Grey Malin
To see all of Malin's new product lines and collaborations and to buy his prints, now available framed, head over to Grey Malin.

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