Inside Grace Coddington's Cosy NYC Apartment

Grace1Vogue's legendary creative director, self described "hoarder," and cat enthusiast Grace Coddington invited The Wall Street Journal to tour her New York home and we're loving the photos. The Chelsea-area apartment is naturally filled with chic details: fashion photography from the likes of Bruce Weber, Chanel and Louis Vuitton blankets, and, according to the mag, copious amounts of Hermès and Balenciaga boxes. Grace3 Yet, the slightly rustic and altogether homey abode is a bit of a surprise -- we had sort of expected the creative genius to reside in a sleek, glamorous apartment filled with glittering surfaces but on second thought, our shock subsided. Chockfull of said meaningful photos, mementos, and plenty of cat paraphernalia, the home reminds us of Coddington's childhood home -- a bed and breakfast in Wales which she describes in detail in her memoir Grace. Grace2 See more photos of the cosy apartment at The Wall Street Journal. Photographs: Arthur Elgort

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