17 Incredible International Destinations You Can Visit on Google Maps

We've long been fans of the detailed perspective Google Maps Street View brings to our daily navigations and now Google is going one step further with its new series of Street View Treks. Using a combination of Google Maps' satellite view, street view, and original film, each destination is explored in detail to give the viewer a real sense of being present and experiencing the sounds, sights, and unique culture. Within each region there are opportunities to explore specific sites and locations in more detail and the destinations include 360-degree perspectives on everything from The Great Barrier Reef (yes, Google filmed some underwater "street views") to the Grand Canyon to the base camp at Mount Everest. All 17 destinations offer stunning scenery and fascinating stories. Warning: You may lose hours poring over each. 

Click here to start your journey and check out all of the incredible Street View Treks.

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