Is Google's Pixel Smartphone As Good As They Say?

Lauren Powell

Google has just launched its new smartphone, and in short, we're impressed. Very impressed to be honest. "Pixel", as it’s affectionately known, could quite possibly be the smartest smart phone yet. Its sleek design (available in Quite Black and Very Silver—tough choice) is met with an almost-genius in-built Google Assistant, unlimited storage (yes, unlimited), and a battery life that will see you through the entire day. While there's an endless list of notable features, we have summarised the most impressive ones that may just tempt you to convert. Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about the latest gadget to hit town.

It has an in-built assistant

Introducing, Google Assistant. Google’s answer to Apple's Siri is one very clever cookie. You can ask it questions (“Where is the nearest café?”), tell it to do things (“Please call Mum”), it understands Aussie slang, and can search through your photo albums via keywords (if you’ve been looking for that photo of your bestie in Santorini wearing a red dress, you’re in luck)—some would say genius.

It has an exceptional camera

DxoMark Mobile (the industry leader for camera and lens image quality) scored Pixel a rating of 89—the highest-rated smartphone camera ever. Imagine the Instagram posts and Snapchats!

It has unlimited storage

Never lose (or have to delete) a memory again thank to its unlimited online storage for your photos and video—#lifechanging.

It has a long-lasting battery

Thanks to a combination of hardware and software (we’ll leave the finer details up to the tech guys) Pixel’s battery will actually last all day—meaning you can basically Snapchat, Instagram, and film until your heart is content.

It charges fast

Need long-life battery in a flash? No problem. You can get up to seven hours of battery life in just 15 minutes—impressive.

It’s easy to switch over

The part you always imagine to be tricky is actually the exact opposite. Transferring your contacts, photos, videos, music, and messages is super simple—all you need to do is connect your current phone to the Pixel with the supplied adapter and select what you want to sync. Easy!

It has video stabilisation

Gone are the days of bad quality videos—the stabilisation tool allows you to film smooth footage while you’re moving. Budding film makers, rejoice! 



Pixel is available in Australia today (October 2), exclusively with Telstra (and JB Hi Fi) and prices start at $1079.

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