7 Personality Traits That Will Get You Promoted

Katie Sweeney

When it comes to getting a new job or a promotion, many employers are looking for workers who have a certain set of personality traits. They want an employee who does a good job and who also has soft skills that are valuable to the company. These skills are not necessarily trainable. “The understanding that interpersonal skills aren't as trainable as technical ones is beginning to shift employers' ideas about what makes an outstanding employee,” reports Fast Company. Author Harvey Deutschendorf lists out seven traits that will get your hired or promoted. Remember, these aren’t things that you learn on the job, these are life skills.

  1. Emotional intelligence. “Emotionally intelligent employees build strong working relationships with ease. For employers, that translates into loyalty, and it increases the efficiency and productivity of the entire organisation.”
  2. Speaking up — the right way. Amazing employees aren’t afraid to say something, when there is a real need, to discuss important issues that aren’t being talked about.
  3. Zeroing in on what’s important. The best employees don’t get distracted, can prioritise, and focus on getting the job done.
  4. Confidence, not arrogance. Employees who balance teamwork with individual performance makes them a crucial resource to a company. “Great employees are confident in their abilities, but they keep their egos in check.”
  5. Never saying ‘that’s not my job.’ When an exceptional employee sees that a job needs to get done, they step up and do it, whether or not it’s in their job description.
  6. Knowing when to have fun and when to be serious. “Great employees help lighten up the workplace with their sense of humour where it's appropriate. But they also know when it's time to get down to business.”
  7. A knack for self-improvement. Standout employees are always looking for ways to improve themselves and also take the initiative to actually make these self-improvements.

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Do you have any of these personality traits? Have they helped you in your career?

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