"Oops," Gmail Did It Again

Sacha Strebe

How many times have you hit "send" and immediately regretted it? It could be as simple as noticing a spelling error in the subject line, forgetting to attach a document, or, worse, emailing your boss the complete thread of your colleagues' conversations discussing last night's antics. Sometimes we all need to "undo send."

Thankfully, Google has listened to us and is taking the popular "oops" feature out of its experimental phase and making it permanent. So the big question is, how long do you have to "undo send"? Well, quite a bit, actually. From the time you hit "send," accidentally or on purpose, you have about 10 to 30 seconds to take it back. But before you rejoice, there's one thing you have to do first. Your Gmail "undo send" feature will be turned off by default, so to enable it, simply click the "general" tab in your settings.

If you've already been using this awesome featurepreviously located in the Google Labsyours will remain turned on. Oh, and one more thing: Unfortunately "undo send" is only available on the Gmail website, not the smartphone app. Major bumma.

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