Under-$75 Gifts That Look Anything but Budget

Gabrielle Savoie

Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

You may be feeling overly generous this time of year—we all are. Our means expand as we stretch ourselves to find the ultimate gift that's good enough for our loved ones—the one that they will remember years from now: A trip to Bermuda, maybe? A designer handbag? A professional camera? But the truth is, come January every year, we look at our credit card bill with disarray—realising that maybe we didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a slightly too-extravagant gift.

The first step to fixing this yearly recurring problem? Stop associating random dollar amounts with each gift on your list. A dollar figure should not dictate how much a person means to you. In fact, we found 14 $75 and under gifts that are ultra special, so the favourite people in your life will adore them. Bonus: you won't have to eat peanut butter sandwiches for the first month of the year while you repay your credit card. So start shopping—you'll never guess these gifts are all under $75.

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