Please Don't Touch These 7 Things on a Plane

Sacha Strebe

Forget about snakes. What about germs on a plane? While we all love to travel, the actual flying part of the trip isn't always a pleasant experience. Personal space doesn't exist either, so that means enduring your fellow passengers' dubious hygiene habits, coughs, and colds. But according to Huffington Post, it's what you don't see that can really make you sick. There are some pretty lethal germs that live on planes, including E. coli, which can cause severe diarrhoea, and MRSA bacteria, which are resistant to many antibiotics. And these harmful bugs can survive for days. So here are a few things you definitely shouldn't touch on a plane. 

1. The Armrests
2. The Tray Tables
3. The Inside Door Handle of the Restroom
4. The Flush Button on the Toilet
5. The Lavatory Faucet Handles
6. The Blankets
7. The Toilet Seat

To read why you shouldn't touch these seven things, visit Huffington Post.

Did you know about these nasty bugs on planes? What is your trick to avoid them?

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