Step Inside This Ex-Vogue Editor's Charming Paddington Terrace

Lauren Powell

Ex-Vogue deputy editor and MyDomaine Australia contributor, Georgie Abay’s Paddington residence is an address that every Sydney-sider would dream of calling home.

Located in Sydney’s picturesque suburb of Paddington, Abay’s charming terrace home, which she has occupied for more than eight years now, is nestled within a quaint tree-lined street, its ash grey façade matching with charcoal detailing is as charming as its classic, light-drenched interior.

To every interior-lovers sheer delight, Abay recently featured the four-bedroom and four-bathroom home on her coveted lifestyle website, The Grace Tales, and it’s even dreamier than we could have imagined. Scroll on to take a tour through this character-filled home and find out what Abay loves most about her city sanctuary.

MyDomaine Australia: Where is the house located?

Georgie Abay: We live in Paddington in Sydney. It’s a very charming area filled with terrace houses. I never get tired of walking around the area looking at all the houses. I’m obsessed with brightly coloured doors and am in the process of picking a bright colour to paint our door!

MD: What do you love about the area?

GA: It feels like a little village and is full of atmosphere. There’s always something happening and it’s constantly buzzing. A whole day can pass without needing to get in the car. The girls and I can walk to ballet classes, tennis lessons, the supermarket, the park and more. A lot of my friends live within walking distance too, which I love.

MD: How many years have you lived in the property?

GA: We’ve lived here for almost eight years and have no plans to leave. The only downside to terrace houses is the stairs. Our house is full of them, which can be tricky with kids—I’m constantly up and down our stairs. It doesn’t really bother me though as the location is so convenient—I can run out and get everything from coffee to laundry detergent to Thai food to wine in less than a minute.

MD: How would you describe the style of the home?

GA: We renovated about four years ago, and it was really important to us that we didn’t make the house look too modern. I didn’t want to strip away the character. I’m not into super modern interiors. I prefer something more classic and charming. It’s filled with things we love—antique Christian Dior pineapple plates, a Laura Jones artwork, Tolix chairs, Georgia Macmillan linen cushions... I am a bit of a minimalist and really believe you should love everything in your home. If you don’t love it, give it away or throw it out.

MD: When you walk into your house what feelings does it evoke?

GA: Other than the front room (my office!) our house is flooded with natural light, which is quite rare in a terrace house. Every room feels sunny and happy. There is lots of colour and print everywhere too. My husband is very tolerant of all the floral prints I keep bringing into the home. One of my favourite artworks is an enormous photograph by Derek Henderson of rich pink and purple hydrangeas. I never tire of looking at it. I also adore my Laura Jones artwork—I’d fill our entire house with her paintings if I could. Our house is bright and light and with two toddlers and two dogs, usually a crazy and chaotic space.

MD: How many rooms are there?

GA: We have four bedrooms and four bathrooms but we use one of the bedrooms as an office. There’s a lovely rooftop terrace, which we rarely use—to be honest, we haven’t entertained a lot over the last few years but I’m excited to get back into it next year. We also have a little backyard where I spent a lot of time with the girls watering the garden!

MD: Which is your favourite room?

GA: I love my girls’ room. It’s so sunny—the light just floods in. It’s a lovely space to sit in and play and read. It’s also a very girly room.

MD: What do you love most about this house?

GA: The people who live in it. It’s a mad house and things get pretty hectic most days, but it’s filled with my little family and that’s why I love it. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you’re surrounded by people you love. 

To take the full tour, head to The Grace Tales.

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