Here's Why Gentle Parenting Is Effective (Buh-Bye, Bribing)

There are so many different types of parenting that it can be hard to keep track—attachment, authoritative, peaceful—but the most important thing is finding out which style (or combination) works best for you and your little one. And now, there's been talk of another parenting technique worth considering: Gentle parenting. It may sound a bit counterintuitive based on the name, since let's be honest, all parents should be gentle when it comes to their tinies, but it goes beyond just the title.

So what exactly is it, and how does it differ from other styles? "Although often attachment parenting and gentle parenting can be and are complementary, attachment parenting is a style of parenting following specific principles, whereas I see 'gentle parenting' as just a way of being that has no bearing on making specific choices to be in line with a certain style," says Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a parenting expert and author of educational childcare books like The Gentle Parenting Book. The best way to describe it is that this type of parenting has no hard-and-fast rules but relies on parents trusting their instincts and taking their children's feelings into consideration. Below, keep reading to see the main tenets of this parenting technique, plus why some parents find it so effective.

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