6 Activities That Are Better Than Getting Drunk

Delicia Smith


Congratulations! You made it through your first weekend of Dry July without reaching for the rosé… So now that you’re booze free and feeling full of beans it’s time to cue up some fun things to do, aside from just binging on Netflix for the rest of the month.

Whether you’re jumping on the wagon for health reasons, to save money or to raise funds for people affected by cancer, there’s no need to hibernate. Read on for 6 things you can do to ensure your Dry July is an exciting one. 

1. Host a sober dinner party

Partying and hanging out with friends is fun! But truth be told, going out can cost a lot—it puts a dent in your savings and impacts your health. Switch things up and catch up with friends this month by hosting a sober dinner party. Serve delicious mocktails and healthy treats to fellow Dry July-ers–you’ll thank yourself for the lack of hangover in the morning.

2. Treat yourself

Speaking of treats… Thirty one days of not drinking deserves a gift to self, right? That home update you’ve had your eye on—now’s the time to splash out. Keep adding those Chloé boots to your Net-a-Porter shopping bag but still hovering over the checkout button? Buy them. Elevate your outfits and your social life by being stylish and sober.

3. Create a different kind of happy hour

Last weekend I happily spent my sober Saturday at Body Mind Life in Bondi. But if you find you’re missing weekends on the dancefloor, how about an alternative night out filled with music and movement? The Future Sound of Yoga is the creation of Angel Singmin and DJ Solon, two passionate yogis who mix vinyasa flow, yin yoga, meditation and music. Join them for a journey through ambient, trip hop and progressive beats at the first Winter Chill Session on Friday, July 8. There'll be further sessions on July 29 and August 19 if you miss out. Bookings essential.

4. Wake up for sunrise

Being off the booze always helps me sleep better and wake up earlier. Rethink your morning routine and make your way to the beach or your local park before work and join the hive of activity. Even if exercise isn’t your thing, getting out to take in the first light can give you the motivation to power through the day.

5. Escape the past

If there’s one thing you don’t want to have before going to Escape Hunt, it’s a drink. Pick from one of six locations nationwide then team up with pals and be transported to another era where you’ll play the part of a famous detective and try to solve a unique mystery. Think Sherlock Holmes with a smidge of Linden.

6. Get yourself a date

Yes, you read that right. Go out on a date. Single but feel like you need a drink before you meet that Tinder Wolf you’ve been chatting to? Not so. Yes, it can be scary, but you may find that you connect on a deeper level without the crutch of alcohol. Don’t believe me? I met my ex boyfriend one Dry July and we dated for the first few weeks of our relationship sans alcohol. Maybe the extra sparkle in your eye and the spring in your step could be the catalyst you’ve been missing to meeting ‘the one’.

All set for your dry dinner party? Shop this Dry July Survival Kit from Sodastream and impress your guests with your mocktail making skills.

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