The Dreamiest Bathtubs to Assuage Your Instagram Envy

Gabrielle Savoie

There's a debate going around the MyDomaine offices, and it has to do with bathtubs. More specifically, some are of the school of thought that baths are an abomination—an insult to real hygiene (as one New Yorker writer expounds). Others (yours truly included) believe taking a bath has nothing to do with washing oneself and everything to do with pampering. In fact, baths are to showers what baking a chocolate cake is to the intention of feeding yourself a healthy dinner.

But here's the thing: You have to set the scene. Taking a bath will be anything but relaxing if you're sitting knees bent under fluorescent lights in three inches of lukewarm water (as one editor realised upon moving to New York, space is a luxury, even when baths are concerned). No, instead, the procession of taking a bath should be akin to setting the table for a royal dinner: dimming the lights, turning up the tunes, lighting a candle, and letting the bubbles generously pour into the stream of steaming hot water. If you're sceptical, allow us to provide you with Exhibit A—we bet we can convince you before you reach Z.

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