You Can Now Holiday in Sweden Without Paying for Accommodation

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler


Is the everyday grind getting to you? Are you often slumped at your desk fantasising of your next vacation? If you’ve ever taken those fantasies as far as dreaming of having an entire country to yourself, Airbnb is here to make your wish come true. Sweden’s tourism board has turned the entire country into one single listing on Airbnb. Yes, this means all publicly owned land is free and accessible to everyone (lagom is real). So how can a whole country be listed on Airbnb? Because of allemansrätten.

Freedom to roam, or allemansrätten is basically genius, since Swedish people live by the Right of Public Access to roam free and explore their great country. Bed types are described as natural. Bathrooms, anywhere, and amenities include, wild animals, real air-conditioning, and panoramic terraces. No more waking up early to secure a spot by the pool as every lake is your infinity pool, every mountaintop your granite terrace, and every meadow becomes a garden. Don’t stress about spending money at overpriced restaurants as every forest is a pantry filled with mushrooms and berries. Should you want an upgrade, you do not need to ask anyone, just find the best location  that suits you and your mood. Are you getting the idea?

“In Sweden, we have everything from high mountains to deep forests, from beautiful archipelagos to quiet meadows. Now, together with Airbnb, we welcome everyone to Sweden and, through freedom to roam, they can share our wonderful nature,” says Jenny Kaiser at Visit Sweden. We know where our next vacation will be.

Start packing these Sweden essentials below.

Lonely Planet Sweden ($19)

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