3 Bona Fide American Cocktails You've Never Tried

Julia Millay Walsh
Looking for an American drink for the Fourth of July that's not, um, Bud Light? Our favourite resource for all things boozy, PUNCH, is bringing us a few American cocktails that we can guarantee you've never tried. Why? Because we've drank everything under the sun -- except these. Mix one of these up on Independence Day, and you're guaranteed to impress -- and inebriate -- your friends.
USS-Bomber USS BOMBER This layered, red-white-and-blue refresher is bittersweet, made with a mix of absinthe, gentian-flavored Suze, kitschy-classic blue Curaçao and aromatic Peychaud's bitters. And it looks like mint julep with major flair, so that's cool.
Spirit-76 SPIRIT OF '76 Inspired by the Revolutionary War, this Colonial-style punch mix early American favourites like rye whiskey, Caribbean rum, and Applejack. If you can find a Bicentennial flag garnish, you'll earn mad props.
Southern-Border SOUTHERN BORDER What's more American than adopting stuff from other cultures? This cerulean blue cocktail is an Old Glory ode to Peru's Pisco Sour. With a frothy layer of egg white fizz, it's practically a meal. And Americans love dining, don't we?
Visit PUNCH for more patriotic recipes. Photographs: Daniel Krieger

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