I Swear This Celebrity-Approved Laser Took a Decade Off My Face

Sacha Strebe

If you watch beauty treatment trends closely, as I do, then you would have heard about the latest skin tightening laser that has the celebrity stamp of approval. Stephanie Shepherd, Kim Kardashian West's former assistant, is also a huge fan and has shared the treatment with fans on her Instagram a few times now. When it comes to improving skin health, tightness, pore size, and quality, nothing beats laser, in my opinion. I have had several different types now including IPL for pigmentation, Fraxel (story coming soon) for sun damage, laser genesis for collagen stimulation, and Clear and Brilliant with PRP for skin exfoliation and overall anti-ageing benefits. I would 100% recommend all of them; it just depends on the results you're after. 

So when I heard about the Forma laser as a non-invasive alternative to injections I had to test it out for myself. I signed up for a series of Forma sessions at Le Jolie Medi Spa, a celebrity-frequented skincare destination in West Hollywood; Forma is its most popular treatment. Hailed as a "non-surgical face-lift," Forma really does get the results you want, instantly—as in you will walk out of the salon with tighter, brighter, glowing skin. It's absolutely incredible. My colleagues couldn't believe how good my skin looked when I returned to the office from a session one day. It's really that noticeable.

Read on to read my Forma laser review, what it is, and how much it costs.

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