If You Love Classic Scary Movies, Watch These Foreign Horror Movies Next

Hadley Mendelsohn

If you're a true horror movie enthusiast, you've seen all the classics at least once, from Saw to Silence of the Lambs and The Blair Witch Project, and you were also probably the first person at the box office when Hereditary premiered. But have you seen all the best foreign horror movies? As much as we love to watch our old favourites, part of the attraction of horror movies is their unpredictibilityyou know, that surprise scream, thud, or shadowing figure in the calm, quiet, and oh-so eerie house you never see coming.

If you're especially hungry for something new to scare during the month of Halloween, you'll be excited to stream the 15 foreign horror films below. Ghost stories, serial killer–inspired flicks, sci-fi thrillers, and visually striking mysteries await you. 

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