8 Holiday Dishes a Nutritionist Never Eats (and What to Reach for Instead)

Sophie Miura

José León for MyDomaine; STYLING: Peter Dolkas

The holiday season comes at a trying time for the health-conscious. You've plowed through tedious work deadlines and are in the midst of planning presents and festivities—by the time holiday parties arrive, you're ready to shrug off your usually responsible self and indulge a little.

If you're tempted to extend that cheat-day mentality to the entire holiday period, nutrition experts Jennie Miremadi and Ilana Muhlstein say you're setting yourself up for an unhealthy New Year. According to Mulhslein, sipping on one particular holiday drink equates to days’ worth of sugar, while a deep fried appetizer has the calorie equivalent to a meal, rather than a snack.

Here, they reveal the holiday foods and drinks they would never eat at a party—and what to reach for instead. Navigate the holiday spread without a pang of next-day (or next-year) guilt with their expert tips.

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