The Best Anti-Ageing Foods You Already Have in Your Pantry

Sacha Strebe

In our youth-obsessed culture, we're constantly being sold the latest lotions, potions, and lab-tested creams that promise to reverse the hands of time and inject our bodies with the boundless energy and beauty of our childhood. And while we're sure you are eager subscribers of many of these promises (and willingly hand over our credit cards too), your lifelong search for that elusive fountain of youth doesn't require an exploration of the world's most remote locations. Just open up your pantry

Yes, that's right. In fact, you're most likely buying many of these anti-ageing staples every week during your grocery run, while others have been relegated to the back of the pantry (remember those sunflower seeds you bought for a recipe?) and others are hiding in your fridge drawers somewhere (we see you, carrots). Well, it's time you put them to use. Why? Jess Barron, General Manager of (who also informed us of the wellness trends that are in and out) told us these simple pantry staples contain powerful anti-ageing properties (sometimes even more than those superfoods at your health food store) and should be incorporated into our daily diets. 

Take a look below and see which common food items you already have at home. You might be surprised. 

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