Nutritionists Agree—These 3 Foods Actually Make You Hungrier

Kelsey Clark

Certain unsuspecting foods have an uncanny ability to make you eat more than you ever thought possible. Packed with sugar, carbs, and artificial flavouring, these foods are completely devoid of the protein and fibre necessary to make you feel full. In other words, they will leave you feeling hungrier than you were before you even started eating. Fortunately, Health recently asked a team of dietitians and weight-loss specialists to pinpoint the specific foods that can send you on an unprecedented eating binge. Keep the following three foods in mind next time you're ordering lunch or grabbing a "healthy" breakfast:


A deceivingly healthy option, sushi, specifically popular California rolls, is basically the equivalent of three slices of white bread. "You might intend to load up on good-for-you fish, but you're really eating more rice than anything else," dietitian Susan M. Kleiner told Health. "If you don't eat anything else, sushi rolls are fairly rapidly digested and emptied from the stomach without a high level of satiating properties like fibre or protein."


As we discussed earlier this week, juices and smoothies are jam-packed with natural sugars without any protein or fibre. "Drinking a glass of juice can shoot your blood sugar levels up—and then back down again—bringing on hunger," said dietitian Mitzi Dulan, author of The Pinterest Diet. She recommends adding a scoop of protein powder or nut butter to your smoothie to balance out the nutritional profile.

White Bread

While the cat is nearly out of the bag on this one, eating white bread can spike your insulin levels and cause you to gain weight. "The white flour used to bake white bread has been stripped of its outer shell, which depletes the grain's fibre content," explains Sue Decotiis, a weight-loss specialist. Opt for whole wheat or grain bread instead.

Head over to Health for the full list of deceivingly filling foods, and share your thoughts on these recommendations below.

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