4 Popular Foods That Cause Obesity—and What to Eat Instead

Kelsey Clark

While unhealthy, processed foods are never in short supply, health blog Brain Diet has identified the four key offenders single-handedly perpetuating the obesity epidemic in the United States. When you consider the fact that more than two in three American adults could be considered overweight or obese, the suggestion of cutting out or significantly decreasing your intake of these harmful foods shouldn't be taken lightly.

Unsurprisingly, sugar, margarine, white bread, and potato chips are the four obesity-linked foods that still manage to secure a place at the American dinner table, despite widespread caution against them. The first two are often unknowingly added to packaged or restaurant-prepared foods, leaving the consumer largely in the dark about the empty calories and hydrogenated fats they're putting into their bodies. White bread and potato chips, on the other hand, were popularised as cheaply made, portable snacks in America, despite being completely devoid of nutrients.

We recommend all-natural honey or organic agave nectar instead of sugar, grass-fed or Ghee butter in place of margarine, whole wheat or whole grain bread instead of white, and actual home-cooked potatoes instead of greasy chips.

Have you tried cutting out any of these four unhealthy foods? Share your experience with us below!

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