A Skincare Pro Shares Her Shopping List for Supermodel-Grade Skin

Sophie Miura

Consider this: Skin is the largest organ in our body, and it absorbs 70% of everything that's applied to its surface. When New Zealand native Lucy Vincent realised many of the "natural" beauty products she used were really not natural at all, she went about creating her own. "I was amazed at the scarcity of highly active products that didn't contain suspect ingredients and were also sustainably minded," she says. "I couldn't understand why a brand couldn't deliver on these three principles." Enter Sans [Ceuticals], a collection of plant-based skincare and beauty essentials that are natural, environmentally sound, and above all, effective. 

Great skin isn't achieved by using the right products in isolation, though. Raised in the wild's of the UK's Lake District by her chef mother, Vincent knows that luminous skin and strong hair is also dependent on the foods you eat. "Nourishment from the inside out has been a guiding principle," she says, pointing to a collection of holistic recipes she created to complement the product line. Given her inside-out approach and nature-first mantra, we tapped Vincent to find out what ingredients and products are on her list for healthy skin and strong hair. Heads up—these are the fruits, vegetables, and supplements she fills her cart with for the best results. 

There you have it—follow Vincent's advice and we see smoother skin and glossier hair in your near future.

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