Now You Know: This Is Where Every Food-Obsessed Traveller Will Go in 2017

Gabrielle Savoie

Some people travel to seek thrill and adventure. Some jet off somewhere warm to relax. Some like to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and experiences or shop their heart out. For others, the motivation to travel the world is fuelled by their taste buds and the promise to experience food unlike any other. There's a reason the Michelin Guide—originally intended to guide road travellers in France—was invented and why foodies eagerly await the World's 50 Best Restaurants list each year (the latest one released just last week).

If you're the type to binge-watch Parts Unknown or Chef's Table, you'll want to follow the Instagram accounts of these chefs, food photographers, and travel bloggers. These globe-trotting foodies are relentlessly chasing the latest restaurants or the next big food trend. To find out where we should jet off to next, we turned to their feeds to see where they had been lately. Pack your bags and start making reservations—you'll want to eat your way through these foodie-approved cities.

Next up: Start packing—these six destinations come alive in April.

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