The Most Delectable Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Gabrielle Savoie

Original graphic by Viviana Duron

Who doesn't have a favourite foodie in their life? It might be the friend who hosts your gang's Friendsgiving year after year or the one you always turn to for restaurant recommendations. It might be the co-worker who randomly shows up at the office with baked delights for the department, or the one who splurged on Moon Juice the second Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed it.

Because not all food lovers are made equal, we sourced the best foodie gifts from the cheese lover to the avid baker. If you're feeling hard-pressed to find the perfect culinary gift—and can't quite splurge for that pizza oven your pal's dreaming of—then take a gander at this delicious gift guide. Find the prettiest bottle of olive oil we've ever seen alongside the ultimate truffle-tastic present. This list will serve you and your friends well.

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