Food Trends Revealed: Here’s What You’ll Be Eating in 2016

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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Want to know what delicious eats you’ll be indulging in this year? The food trends of 2016 of have been revealed and thankfully, it’s all good news. The culinary goods that will be making themselves heard this year are mostly good, with a touch of bad (it’s all about balance, right?), but overall, downright delicious. Kayla Blackmore, Retail Product Manager for Jones The Grocer Group shared her industry insights with Huffington Post Australia and revealed the food trends we’ll be following this year. Read on to find out what flavours our plates will be seeing more in 2016.

Vegetarian dishes 

"We expect to see more people choosing vegetarian dishes as we observe clean eating and wholefood trends which continue to grow. We can thank Yotam Ottolenghi in part for this—Australians are loving his vegetable-based main-course recipes!"

Healthier ingredient options
"We will see consumers looking for healthy additions to their daily rituals, such as adding matcha or turmeric to their smoothies and juices, coconut oil and panela to their coffee, and choosing dark chocolate over milk."

"Dude Food"

"This trend is still running strong in Australia as we see fried chicken shacks opening up, burgers getting bigger and better, and all varieties of chilli sauces taking pride of place alongside salt and pepper on the tables. This will have a great influence on our restaurant menus and retail lines in store."

To find out what other culinary items will be popular this year—and what we ate last year—head to Huffington Post Australia.

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What foods do you predict we’ll be eating year? Share your forecasts below!

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