Meet the Woman Disrupting 88 Years of the Tampon Industry

Here's a surprising piece of trivia: Tampons were invented by a male physician in the 1930s. And menstrual cups, which might be mistaken for cutting-edge period technology, first appeared on the market in the '30s too. These are just a few of the eye-opening facts we at MyDomaine learned within moments of speaking to Lauren Schulte, the forward-thinking entrepreneur behind The Flex Company.

Before Schulte launched the startup that's revolutionising the period product industry, she worked in marketing for companies like Coca-Cola and IBM. So how did she end up leaving her traditionally corporate career behind to develop an innovative tampon alternative? It all started at a doctor's appointment with her gynecologist, she told MyDomaine. After years of struggling with infections, Schulte discovered that her seemingly innocuous cotton tampons were to blame. She tried more than 30 tampon alternative products from all over the world, but nothing was quite right. Noticing a gap in the market, Schulte developed Flex, a menstrual disk that, as its name suggests, is flexible, not to mention body-safe and can be comfortably worn for up to 12 hours. To be candid, if that's not innovative, then we don't know what is.

We ask the founder of The Flex Company all about disrupting 88 years of tampon industry, including the mistakes she's learned from, why she thinks now is the best time to be a female entrepreneur, and what's on the horizon for her successful company.

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