The 6 First-Time Flying Tips You Need to Remain Calm While in Transit

Kelly Dawson

Let's get one thing out of the way about flying mistakes: You will probably never make one as big as Kevin McCallister's parents in Home Alone. But barring leaving your child behind to jet off to France, there are other blunders you can create as you travel that will cause avoidable bouts of stress.

Just visit the nearest terminal to see how easy it is to make a heart-pounding mistake: Spot the man with papers flying everywhere as he frantically searches for his plane ticket, empathise with the couple who didn't know their oversize bag wasn't small enough to be a carry-on, and move past the woman in security who got stopped for her bag of full-size cosmetics. Airports are intense enough, and when you make these tiny but cumbersome mistakes, they can easily push you into panic mode.

If you're a first-time flyer, or you don't make too many trips through terminals, we're here to ensure that you avoid any problems that may arise before and after takeoff. These are the six major mistakes to avoid and solutions to follow as you book your flight, prepare for your trip, and arrive at your destination. By following these tips, and staying as calm as possible, you'll get through this part of travelling without a hitch.

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