How to Find Your Life’s Purpose in 6 Simple Steps

Katie Sweeney

Do you ever think that if you found your life’s true purpose, you'd be happier? Well, it turns out you're right: New scientific research suggests that idea is most likely true. According to Business Insider, those who feel that they have found their purpose live longer and are healthier and less depressed. People who have a high sense of purpose in life also lower their risk of stroke, spend less time in hospitals, and are more likely to get important health screenings like colonoscopies. A purposeful life can help with drug and alcohol addiction; it also allows older people with Alzheimer’s disease to maintain better cognition skills. Are you starting to get worried because you haven’t found your life’s purpose yet? Follow these science-based steps to discover how to have a more meaningful life.

1. Each night for a week, set aside 10 minutes before you to go to sleep to do some reflecting. Write down which activities from your day were life-giving and which were life-draining.

2. Jot down a few ideas on how you can get more of the former and less of the latter.

3. At the week’s end, re-read your notes and reflect on the positive changes you’ve been attempting to make in your life.

4. Don’t just think; do. Do the things that are appealing to you, and avoid the things that are not.

5. Do what comes easily to you. If you’re a a computer whiz, do something where you work with computers. Not everything in life has to be challenging.

6. Imagine the end. Picture yourself as an old person looking back over your entire life. What brought you the most happiness?

Learn more about living a meaningful life by reading The Path to Purpose. 

Have you found your purpose in life?

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