These 3 Industries Could Land You a Spot on the Financial Review Rich List

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler


There's no doubt 2017 is an exciting time to be a woman. While we still have a ways to go, every day we're breaking down stereotypes, succeeding on our own terms, and progressing in the workplace. Happily, we're now seeing more women rise to the top in heavily male-dominated industries, such as mining, finance, and investing. The recently released Financial Review Rich List backs up this theory with a record 22 women making the cut this year, across a diverse range of businesses. Among the 200 individuals named in total we spotted Bianca Reinhart, Judith Neilson, Gretel Packer, and even Nicole Kidman—go girls. These leaders also represent a few career options not generally associated with women. They also serve as inspiration for new and potentially unexplored pathways to millionairedom. Because there's always next year, right?

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Not sure what it means to work in resources? It’s a great industry to work in if you have a green thumb, live a sustainable life or care about climate change. There are many ways to get into the industry, one being via studying environmental science.


If you’re an avid listener of the “Planet Money” podcast and you love a fast-paced work environment, this career path could be for you. It's typical to start in a PA or similar junior role to learn the business and work your way up. Some companies include, Investec, MLC and Optiver.

Property Development

For anyone who loves the real estate hustle. Never flipped a house? Not a problem, if you're an interior lover chances are you'll be interested in property development—it’s all about investing your talents to create something better. Try a short course. (And start watching Selling Homes Australia stat.)

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