How to Afford the Life You Want in 2019

When it comes to your finances, do you take a head-on or head-in-the-sand approach? If you identify with the latter, the good news is you're not alone. The bad news? You're not alone. Data suggests that when it comes to managing money, women are not as independent as you'd expect. In fact, 91% of women in heterosexual couples are not participating in financial decisions. But we want to change that statistic. To help you become a master of your own finances, we're debuting a new series called The Paper Files, where we uncover tricks and tips that will help you manage your money and your future. Ready to take it head-on?

If you're anxious about the balance of your bank account, you're not alone. A new study by Northwestern Mutual found that money is the number one cause of stress among Americans. According to those surveyed, 44% were anxious about their finances, far surpassing personal relationships (25%) and work (18%) as sources of anxiety. With the time to make resolutions right around the corner, what better time to tackle your finances head on?

Just in time for the new year, we asked Elisabeth Kozack, the vice president of Product Innovation and Customer Experience at Marcus by Goldman Sachs, to share five simple tips for getting your finances in order, including easy ways to get started now (because, let's be honest, getting started is the hardest part).

Ready to give yourself a financial pulse check? Keep scrolling to find out how to start 2019 off with zero money anxiety.

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