These Household Items Are Unlucky, According to a Feng Shui Expert

Sophie Miura

Those with a rudimentary knowledge of Feng Shui might vaguely recall it's the reason you shouldn't position your bed towards a door but there's far more to the Chinese philosophical system than simple furniture positioning. 

Closely linked to Taoism, the ancient system aims to harmonise people with their surrounding environment. Beyond building and furniture orientation, Elle Decor points out that Feng Shui can offer insight about whether the details in your home welcome positive energy. From the colour of your front door to chipped mugs in your kitchen, these "unlucky" items should be removed or rearranged, straightaway. 

1. Cracked dishes: It's believed that dishes symbolise wealth and family, so eating from a cracked plate or drinking from a chipped mug could "subconsciously welcome troubles and failures into your life," Elle Decor suggests. 

2. Cacti: Feng Shui experts believe that prickly plants (with the exception of roses) bring negative energy and bad luck into your home. 

3. Black doors: A dark coat of paint might look polished, but according to the Chinese tradition, "a black door invites bad luck into your home—but not if your door faces north."

Ready to overhaul the rest of your house, too? Follow these Feng Shui rules to achieve a happy and healthy home. 

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