How to Harmonise Your Home with Feng Shui

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Hartland and Co.

There’s never a better excuse than a new year to give your home a welcomed fresh update, create organisation, and to improve harmony and style. One excellent way to do all of these things is by the traditional art of feng shui (pronounced fung shway). To help you introduce the 3,000 year-old practise into to your abode, Vogue has put together a beginners' guide so you can maximise harmony and tranquillity in your home in 2016. Read on to learn how to do just that.

Declutter your space

The fundamental rule of feng shui is no clutter so that energy can flow seamlessly through a space. If the space is cluttered it results in the creation of negative energy. Declutter your home with these simple steps and let the positive energy flood through.

Introduce plants

As plants and greenery purify the air, they are key to creating a harmony in your home. Opt for larger plants rather than smaller as they can sometimes feel like they create clutter. Some of our favourite air purifying plants are the bamboo palm, mother-in-law’s tongue, and English ivy.

Make Repairs

Repairs that need to be made within the home reflect “brokenness” in the home when it comes to feng shui. Place a red sticker on each items that needs fixing in your home as they are completed, peeling the stickers off becomes a symbol of a positive change in energy.

To learn about more ways you can introduce feng shui into your space, head to Vogue.

Do you use feng shui in your home? If so, tell us how below!

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