The Single Girl's Guide to Decorating

Nicole Cohen Elle Decor asked designers and design experts to weigh in on the 10 essential items every woman should have in her bachelorette pad. We love the list and would go as far as to say that everyone should have the majority of these design necessities, not just the ladies. Read on for our favourite takeaways from the article. History-Coit 1. A Piece With a Past: Textile designer extraordinaire John Robshaw encourages having a least one piece of furniture that has a tale to tell. "It's great when people have things from their grandparents, or something with a story about how they found it overseas and lugged it home," the designer told the mag. Lohan 06.09-382 2. A Modern Girl's Vanity: Traditional-design darling Alessandra Branca encourages ladies to embrace the feminine route with a designated dressing table. "The modern-day dressing table is a place where you can store your iPad as well as your grandmother's bottle of perfume," Branca shared. 2-alle-fister-office-tour 3. A Dressing-Room-Quality Mirror: New York-based designer Jen Going knows that sophisticated adulthood is no time to look less than your best. Double mirrors or a mirrored screen are a must according to the designer. "So you can see everything," explained Going. "A mirrored, paneled screen is great for this -- it's a piece of furniture that doesn't take up a lot of room and also makes your room look bigger." See the full list at Elle Decor. Photographs: Nicole Cohen, Justin Coit, Kathryn Ireland, Chris Patey

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