2 Female Apple Executives You Need to Know

Sacha Strebe

Our office is filled with tech-obsessed women (and men), so of course we’re always super-excited to discover what’s new at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, but this year was different. While WDC has been running since 1976, this was the first time that not one but two female Apple executives took to the keynote stage. Hard to believe it took this long, especially when you consider the strong female presence in the tech industry today, and many of those women were instrumental in building the products at Apple. Let’s not forget the facts, either. We already know that women are more likely to own an iPhone than men, buy more tech, and engage with more digital media activities. It makes sense then that women are hired to design technology specific to their tech-savvy sisters. So just who are these two remarkable women at Apple? Read through our informative list to find out more.

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