First Thing: The Editor of Women’s Health Reveals her Inspiring Morning Routine

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

Damian Bennett

Felicity Harley is an inspiration in every facet of life. The Women’s Health Australia editor, nutritional medicine student, wife, and mother to two young boys really does seem to have it all—and she works hard to achieve it. From a crack of dawn wake-up call, emails before 7 a.m., getting her three-year-old and 18-month-old sons prepared for the day before finding time to study pre-work, it’s no wonder the fitness guru can only spare 12 minutes getting ready each day. If you thought your mornings were eventful, think again. Read on for a sneak peek into Harley’s productive A.M. routine.

6.33 a.m. There’s no need for an alarm when I get a stuffed lion called Scruffy thrown at my head by my three-year-old, Jimmy! Next my 18-month-old, Hugo, jumps in our bed for a heart-warming morning cuddle. Oh yes, good morning, day—time to get up whether I’m ready for it or not. In. Need. Of. Coffee. 

6.58 a.m. My husband, Tom, is a morning person (thank-the-lord) and bundles the boys up to our local coffee joint to get the family fix. I quickly check my emails (often I get caught on an email conversation with our New York office over a cover star); US health and wellness websites for overnight news; and social media to see if there is anything we need to jump on ASAP for the Woman’s Health website and social channels. 



7.12 a.m. Spend a total of 12 minutes getting showered, dressed, and my hair and make-up done while the boys are out. On Wednesdays, I’m on Sunrise’s Newsfeed segment dissecting the topics of the day so I frock-up and take (a little) more time. In the Women’s Health office, we have "fitness gear Fridays” where you’re only allowed through the door in athleisure. Note to self: perhaps I should make this rule for everyday?!

7.24 a.m. Tom leaves for work and I spend the next 48 minutes in, er, chaos: somewhere between making vegemite toast and banana smoothies in my new toy, the Thermomix, to battling a toddler when he wants to wear a T-shirt when it’s 10 degrees outside. Oh, and did I mention I built a train-set too? We have a nanny, Carly, who I pass Thomas The Tank Engine to as I pull on my animal print heels and fly out the door. Who needs to exercise in the mornings?!

8.15 a.m. On the drive to work I listen to my latest lecture as I’m studying an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.

8.50 a.m. …and breathe. I pull out my trusty Carmen’s muesli add yoghurt and strawberries, and enjoy my breakfast while replying to emails before the WH fun and games start. Actually, maybe I need another coffee?!

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