12 Feel-Good Movies on Netflix Right Now That Will Make You Smile

Kelly Dawson

We've all used Netflix as a distraction. Maybe it helped to push off a project that eventually needed to get finished, or it delayed sleep until it was late enough to go to bed. Perhaps it also was a welcome form of entertainment when Saturday night plans changed, or even a way to make a Wednesday evening more exciting. But more than being a common distraction, Netflix offers the chance to escape. And that's especially true of feel-good movies, which manage to pass the time with transformative stories of love, friendship, and personal growth.

We gathered 12 feel-good movies on Netflix that encapsulate those three heartwarming themes and more for those moments when you just want to get away on the comfort of your couch. Some of the picks are romantic, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, some are dramas, like The King's Speech, and others are all-out comedies, like I Love You, Man. It may not be the most conventional list, but it will provide the distraction you may need to recharge. So ahead and delve into these feel-good flicks. By the end of one—or three, no judgement—you'll likely feel the calm that comes from feeling connected to an optimistic story.

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