See Why Our Editors Were Obsessed With These 7 Rooms in 2018

Gabrielle Savoie

What makes a perfectly good room truly great? It can be hard to pinpoint sometimes. Is it the cobalt-hued door or the crisp white walls? Is it the original wood-paneled walls or the striking Italian midcentury pendant hanging from the ceiling? Is it the marigold velvet built-in bench or the small handcrafted wood stool sitting next to it? While it's not always easy to identify exactly what makes a room stand above the rest, it's easy to know when you see one. 

In the type of room you can instantly picture yourself spending hours on end in, there's an almost visceral reaction. Immediately, you feel compelled to study its every last detail: the shape of the headboard, the finishes of the handmade tiles, the composition of original art. We compiled some of our favourite rooms of 2018—from the front entrance to the living room, all the way to the kitchen and the bedroom. Get ready for some serious inspiration for your next decorating project. These were the rooms that left our editors speechless this year, and we hope you feel it too. 

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