10 Fashion Rules to Bring to Your Living Room

by Jillian Finley

Fashion plays muse to many a home aesthetic. The art of dressing well, like decorating, is a form of non-verbal expression. A home reflects an individualist perspective and utterly personal point of view. When sparking the dialogue of a space, here are a few of our favourite sartorial takeaways to keep in mind. 

Fit is everything. Be mindful of tailoring and scale. Meticulously cut clothes look expensive, no matter what their price point. Raw materials aside, the fit is the thing that will set a designer garment apart from its doppelgänger knock-offs. From impeccably re-upholstered chairs to custom-tailored curtains, this theory applies to the home as well. 

Wear what makes you feel good. Colours infer mood and convey emotion. Deck your home in hues that reflect the vibes you want to revel in most day-to-day. Going for sophisticated and relaxed? Trot out serene dove grays and tranquil, cool hues. If sunny and upbeat is more your style, play up bold primaries or punctuate lush neutrals with an unexpected pop of bright, vibrant shades. 

Mix high and low. Have a keen sense of where to splurge and where to save. A killer vintage score can be just as stylish as that ultra luxe designer coffee table you’ve been coveting. Make a budget in advance that reflects where where you want to spend, from an incredible, focal point rug to a new sofa. Once the key players are set, pepper in less expensive supporting accents. Build to last, quality will pay off in the long run. Invest in key pieces that you’ll continue to love over time, and save on quieter details.

Source from multiple designers. Off the runway, it’s pretty rare that a whole look would come from only one designer. When shopping for your home, avoid buying everything from the same store, lest the design feel stale, manufactured and lacking in dimension. Draw inspiration from the very best sartorial street style masters and get your mixology game down pat. Vintage finds or oddities collected from travels makes a space feel curated and personal. 

Have a muse. Since the time of the Greeks, creative inspiration has been known to flow freely under the influence of an inspired source. Fashion-wise this might be a person, place, time in history. The same philosophy applies to the home. Make mood boards. Explore. Fall in love. Having a clear focus and thread of inspiration will inform key decisions throughout the design process. 

Express yourself. A home should echo ones personal tastes, philosophies, and lifestyle. Thoughtful, unique details that reflect a distinctive personality are standouts in any dwellings. Choose items that mean something to you individually. Tell a story.

Mix textures. Unless you’re Catwoman, chances are you wouldn’t leave the house in a head-to-toe leather get-up. The same rule applies to a space. Look to create a hierarchy of textures with complementary fabrics. Balance out smooth leather with rich accents from velvet to linen. Patterns and material should have an eclectic yet harmonious voice. There can be a dominant theme, but keep in mind not even the cleverest of It-girls can pull off denim-on-denim without the right accessories. 

Know your shape. Apply a dress-right-for-your-body-type philosophy to every room. Choose colours and décor that is appropriate and complementary to the space itself. This may mean showing off high ceilings with dramatic window treatments or giving tight quarters the illusion of grandeur with favourable accents in the way of reflective surfaces, pattern work, or less dense furniture.

Play up statement accessories. It’s completely natural to build an entire outfit around a show-stopping piece—from an insane statement necklace to the perfect-shade-of-cotton-candy-blue suede pumps. If you have a home décor accessory that is inspired and special, give it prominent placement in the space and build other pieces around it. A favourite painting or photograph might inspire the colour palette as a whole or influence the movement of furniture within a room.  

Use a stylist. While the wonderful world of Pinterest and an endless YouTube stream of DIY advice remains an invaluable resource, there are certain projects that call for reinforcements. Consulting with an interior decorator will grant you access to professional expertise, ensuring you get it just right. Vendor-wise, those of the trade hold the keys to the kingdom. Know when to call in the big guns. 

How has fashion inspired your home aesthetic? Tell us in the comments below. 

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