Inside the Insanely Stylish Homes of 5 Fashion Insiders

Sophie Miura

There's no doubt that fashion and interior design share similar DNA. At their core, both are an expression of personality, an opportunity for the owner to pair pieces that exude individual style and tell a story about who the wearer or owner is (or wants to be). And, while we're naturally inquisitive about how fashion insiders style their clothes, we think there's a more telling sign of impeccable taste: how they style their homes. Why? It's the space you choose to spend years in, not a few days. 

So, how do our favourite fashion insiders fare? To find out, we scoured the archives to glimpse inside the homes of models, bloggers, designers, and It girls. From the eclectic, art-filled home of the effortlessly cool Erin Wasson to the chic, family-friendly abode of designer Rebecca Minkoff, these industry icons have interiors to rival their closet. Take a peek inside.  

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