These Australian Fashion Designers Share Their Most Stylish Home Décor Tip

Lauren Powell

Fashion designers are impeccably stylish, they forecast trends and craft beautiful designs daily. But the question is, is their interiors style as flawless as their fashion? We stepped inside four of our favourite fashion designer’s home to see for ourselves. The answer? Absolutely. If only we could purchase their interiors as well as their fashion. Scroll down for s sneak peek inside four fashion designer’s stunning homes.

Alice McCall, Alice McCall Pty Ltd


Nikki To

“Source unique pieces of furniture. I love looking through auction websites to find one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Otherwise, look to ways you can reinvent old furniture with new fabrics and colours. I have reupholstered arm chairs with beautiful ikat fabrics that I have found on my travels, and it is amazing what a new coat of paint can do.”

Pictured: McCall with her two daughters Hopi Silver Moon and Wilde Rose.

Bridget Yorston, Bec & Bridge

“An interior instantly becomes more inviting when it has personal touches. I love introducing little things I’ve collected on my travels, or items that have been passed down through the generations, or artworks that I’ve created myself. I painted this giraffe canvas for my son Tommy when he was just two years old. We had taken him on a South African safari (where I grew up) and he’s had an obsession with animals ever since! 

In terms of greenery, I love having bunches of Blue Gum leaves. They are so simple and understated and they look great both when fresh as well as dried out.”

Kelly Davies-Green, Maurie & Eve

“My home is my own private refuge away from the busy outside world. Where my family can rest, play and enjoy each other. It has an organic feel with oak floorboards and neutral colours accessorised with soft furnishings and a Moroccan influence with various pieces from around the globe.”

Kelli Wharton, Talulah

“We live at the beach, so for us creating a home with a relaxed feel was key. When we started Talulah Homewares, we made sure each piece was created with this in mind. Everything needed to relect a stylish, but unfussy lifestyle. The best advice I’ve been given on how to style your home is to think of the play of texture and light in a space. And don’t be afraid of colour!”

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