Fargo, the new television series on FX starring Colin Hanks and Billy Bob Thornton, has us thoroughly enthralled yet again into the crime drama of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has also reminded us of the valuable lessons learned from the original 1996 film, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Besides learning to never buy a woodchipper, the film provided some major décor tips. See below for a few of our favourites:


1. Graphic Gallery Wall - Arranging a series of pictures or assortment of art in an organic fashion is fine, but to truly make a statement hang pictures in a grid. Here, a series of portraits is given new meaning when arranged above a utilitarian coffee bar.


2. Afghan Awareness - Theres no better way to add bright colours to your sofa than tossing on an afghan. The handmade textile will instantly add vibrancy to a space. So much so, you'll barely notice those who are breaking and entering.


3. Black and White Is Key - If the snowy scene of Fargo's Minneapolis taught us anything, it's that a black and white palette can be very powerful. We love the idea of painting your floors black or white, creating a neutral backdrop for furnishings (a pop of blood-red perhaps).


4. Varied Lighting - Pendant lighting hung at various heights throughout a space creates a fantastical vibe, even if that space is merely a auto-repair shop.

6025. Embrace the Unexpected - A surprise décor feature will jumpstart conversations at parties and make a room more interesting. Something unexpected breathes new life into a space (for lack of a better word).

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