Inside a Vancouver Kitchen That's Actual #LifeGoals

Gabrielle Savoie

Ema Peter, design by Gillian Segal

Vancouver, Canada's third-largest city and the only one that has both a coastline and rocky mountains, is consistently ranked among the world's most livable cities. Its urban-meets-nature vibe and mild weather make it enticing for many young Canadians to relocate—among them a young couple, Sophie and Peter Collins. The newlyweds had no qualms about purchasing a home sight-unseen in the neighbourhood of Cambie. The area had everything they wanted: filled with leafy parks, young families, and a vibrant local scene—with restaurants and bars popping up on every corner weekly. Though the house had not been renovated since it was first built in the 1960s, Sophie—a food and wellness blogger—had a clear vision of how she wanted to transform this two-bedroom house. 

But to get this gut-job shaped up and family-ready, the young couple had to call on the help of interior designer Gillian Segal. Working with a large wish list, a small space, and a restricted budget, Segal was able to bring the couple's vision to life—and then some. Her goal: creating a warm and welcoming space that was both family-friendly and made for entertaining for the two gracious hosts to build a life in. We chatted with the designer about every aspect of the project. Take a tour—the kitchen is one that belongs in your 'dream house' folder

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