My Sheet Pan Is the Most-Used Tool in My Kitchen, Period—Here's How I Use It

Before I discovered sheet pan dinners, an existential dread used to wash over me every weekday at about 5 p.m., aka when I was confronted with the question of what to make for dinner. As I recently confessed, I don't love to cook, so the idea of throwing together an elaborate meal à la Martha Stewart wasn't (and, honestly, still isn't) very appealing. I'm of the mindset that a weeknight meal shouldn't require spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen.

Enter sheet pan dinners. The ultimate in lazy cooking, these easy recipes simply require slicing up veggies, reaching for staple pantry spices, and tossing everything together on a single sheet pan before placing it all in the oven. Ahead, I'm sharing the sheet pan dinners that I keep on constant rotation. Spanning easy poblano chicken fajitas to a pan roasted pomegranate glazed salmon, these simple recipes are why my sheet pan is the most-used tool in my kitchen, period.

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