9 Delicious Holiday Recipes Our Readers Make Every Year

While summer boasts bright and tangy citrus flavours and winter is associated with heavy, hearty comfort food filled with rich savoriness, fall recipes land somewhere in between. The transitional season offers up delightful produce like squash, pumpkin, and apples, often highlighted with fresh herbs and spices. Yes, many of the dishes are warm and heavier than a summer salad, but they still maintain subtle hints of milder weather and lighter flavours.

With the season in full swing, we turned to the one place we knew would be full of fall holiday recipes simple enough to pull off without much experience and tasty enough to impress any crowd. We're talking about Instagram—more specifically, our hashtag #MyDomaineEats. It's where our thoughtful followers share their best homemade recipes and show off their food styling and photography skills. If you're ever in need of recipe inspiration, we highly recommend taking a scroll through the latest posts. 

That's exactly what we did in order to source a few delicious fall holiday recipes just in time for Thanksgiving. Ahead, discover seasonal main courses, side dishes, and desserts fitting for a fall celebration, all from our very own readers. Here are 9 recipes you'll want to try your hand at this year.

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