Engaged? These Are the 3 Relationship Facts to Know Before Getting Married

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While fact-based research into the ups and downs of marriage is basically the opposite of romantic, walking into a lifelong relationship with a breadth of knowledge can't hurt. In the spirit of preventing divorce before even getting married, Business Insider recently identified some of the important relationship facts to be aware of before tying the knot. So before you agree to spend the rest of your life with your partner, consider the following.

The "honeymoon phase" lasts for a year.

Defined as a period with "high levels of passionate love" and "intense feelings of attraction and ecstasy, as well as an idealisation of one's partner" by University of Pavia researchers, the "honeymoon phase" only lasts for about a year. After that, couples will experience less of the starry eyes, sweaty palms, and stomach butterflies associated with newfound love. 

If you get excited about your partner's news, you'll have a better relationship.

Celebrating your partner's positive life milestones with them is more than just good manners—it's actually related to a higher rate of relationship well-being, according to a 2004 analysis of multiple marriage studies. Making a concerted effort to congratulate your partner, rather than dismissing or overshadowing good news, can be the difference between lifelong happiness and divorce.

The happiest marriages are between best friends.

Spouses that also share close friendships have happier, more connected marriages, according to a 2014 National Bureau of Economic Research study. The researchers even went as far as to say that friendship is a "key mechanism that could help explain the relationship between marriage and life satisfaction." 

What marriage facts would you add to this list? Share your thoughts below, and be sure to check out the must-know facts about divorce as well.

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