5 Eye-Opening Facts About Divorce Every Couple Should Know

Kelsey Clark

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When you're on the cusp of saying "I do," the last thing you want to do is think about divorce. But when you consider the fact that nearly a third of marriages end in divorce, it would behoove both you and your partner to fully understand and reflect upon what marriage in America entails. At the very least, understanding certain facts about divorce can help you to answer some very important questions about your relationship, such as What makes divorce more likely? or How can I make sure my relationship doesn't end in divorce? 

While there are no guarantees, Business Insider dug into years of marriage and divorce research to address some of your pressing queries. Remember, though, that these studies merely offer general takeaways about relationships and in no way serve as a crystal ball for your future marriage. With that being said, here's what science has to say about divorce in America: 

Head over to BI for more eye-opening divorce facts, and share your relationship experience below!

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