Instagram’s Sydney Office is as Cool as You’d Expect

Lauren Powell

The Australian head office of the two companies responsible for the sharing of two billion photos per day—Facebook and Instagram—is as innovative and evolutionary as the social media platforms it houses.

Located in Sydney’s CBD, the award-winning space is designed by Melbourne-based interior design firm Siren Design, and is a world away from your typical corporate office. It’s a place where a grocery store-like kitchen brimming with food and drinks is available for staff (you name it, they’ve got it), where you can work from its 180 degree view balcony over the city (or from the comfort of your own home if you fancy), and where the interior is complete with graffiti walls, designer statement furniture, sleep pods and garden walls.

Facebook and Instagram’s Head of Communications for Australia and New Zealand, Antonia Sanda, welcomed us into the inspiring headquarters and revealed why she loves going to work every day. Scroll down for a rare look inside the Sydney office of Facebook and Instagram.

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