Tell Your Single Friends: Facebook Is About to Shake Up the Dating Game

Nicole Singh

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Well, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg has done it again, just announcing that Facebook will be entering the e-dating space sometime later this year. And now that we think about it, it was only a matter of time really, with 4.5 million Australians alone turning to their devices to help them find love, it makes sense that Facebook leveraged its platform to cater to its single users. At the F8 Developer Conference yesterday, Zuckerberg revealed a host of new features from the social media giant including new anti-bullying features on Instagram and an increased focus on “groups” on Facebook in order to build community. But what everyone is most excited about is how their dating lives could be radically changed by this new dating feature. “There are 200 million people on Facebook that list themselves as single, so clearly there's something to do here,” Mr Zuckerberg said at the conference. Also pointing out that the new dating feature is “not just for hook-ups” but also to build “meaningful, long-term connections”

And while you may feel weird about just how much your Facebook pals will be able to see, according to the ABC, dating profiles will sit separate from your regular profile, and won’t suggest your friends as potential suitors (phew). You’ll also be able to unlock events or groups and then view profiles of others who have also unlocked the same event. And finally, because assessing compatibility really does come down to conversation, you’ll also be able to chat through a private messaging, a text only feature that sits separate to your current messenger. 

Could it be time to wave adieu to Tinder? We think so.

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