The Secrets to Being the Most Gorgeous House on the Block

First impressions are everything, and your home is no different. When walking up to your house it should feel inviting, manicured, and in keeping with your neighbourhood. One of my pet peeves is seeing a house that stands out for all the wrong reasons. "In keeping" does not have to mean dull or boring but rather, respectful to the aesthetic of your neighbourhood and the architecture of your home. When boosting your curb appeal, consider the overall property, the house itself, and especially, the front door.

The Secrets to Being the Most Gorgeous House on the Block

PlanterThumb Keep it Symmetrical I personally enjoy symmetry when it comes to exterior décor. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it's simple to achieve. Place oversized planters filled with gorgeous plants on either side of your front door to instantly add an element of drama and visually exaggerate the entrance. If you are limited on ground space, try flanking the door with eye catching lanterns for a similar effect. Square Planter, $60, Home Depot
_paint Paint Wisely If your home is painted, choose a paint colour that is in sync with what is going on in the inside of your home. Continuity is important and the exterior, as I said, makes the first impression so you want to be sure what's on the outside works well with what you have chosen for the inside. When it comes to the front door, dress it up with a splash of colour a nice pop. "Hound Lemon" #2, from $33, Farrow & Ball
LobsterThumb The Finishing Touches The door is the focal point of your home, so to add interest and drama, opt for statement hardware in an eye-catching finish for a high contrast, impactful sparkle. Finally, add a low fence either constructed from wood or wrought iron around the perimeter of your property to add interest and safety but essentially, to show the street who is boss. Lobster Door Knocker, $38, Furbish Studio

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