The One Resume Revision Every 20-Something Should Make, According to an Expert

Lauren Powell

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Looking to land your dream job? Want to build a successful career? It all starts with your resume, so it’s essential to get it right. We know what words we should remove from our resumes and we’ve made the updates we hadn’t previously thought of, but how can we really make our professional credentials shine to make sure we nail that crucial first impression? The answer: without predictability and with plenty of personality, according to career expert and Levo consultant Maxie McCoy. Trying to blend in and appear to be someone you’re not is exactly what you shouldn’t do says McCoy.

“Quit trying to fit in. Quit trying to be a version of someone else. Really look inward to identify what drives you and what makes you unique—and amplify that. We don’t need another carbon copy of someone else. We need you. The world really, really needs that right now,” McCoy told Business Insider Australia.

McCoys also suggests that your resume should reflect exactly who you are and what you represent to ensure you stand out from the crowd. “When you can be that highest expression of yourself and deeply believe in all that makes you great—the right opportunities, people, and experiences will be drawn onto your path in a way that feels like magic. Follow that, match it with tools that allow you to showcase it, and you will find yourself in the job of your dreams,” he explains. Dream job, here you come…

For more quick and effective resume fixes from McCoy, head to Business Insider Australia to read the full article and shop our favourite career books.

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