These Australian Executives Share Their Top Productivity Secrets

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


As the days, weeks, and months show no sign of slowing down, we’re constantly attempting to cram more and more into each day. The answer? Increasing and maintaining your productivity. Read: No more procrastinating, minimising distractions, and less time wasting. Some of the Australia’s most successful—and busiest—leaders revealed to Business Insider their secrets to their productivity and validated one reason for their success. Read on to increase your productivity in an instant and get things done.

Trust your instincts

 “My secret to remaining productive is to trust your instincts. A lot of people don’t trust their gut and spend days pulling together all the facts, figures, and options. They’re then paralysed by the sheer amount of information, which quite often leads to procrastination. This puts them in a worse off position than how they started. I’m not suggesting that people should be reckless, but the reality is we don’t live in a perfect world, so we shouldn’t expect to find perfect answers. If you back yourself—even if it turns out to be the wrong decision—you will be able to turn it around.”

Alex Louey, co-founder and managing director of Appscore

Make the most of every second

“Making the most of lost hours is a big one—one I learnt from Sheryl Sandberg. Anywhere I find myself waiting or sitting, I try and use productively. This might be listening to a podcast, making my phone calls or doing my emails. Sometimes, I don’t feel like working so I actually just do a quick mindfulness meditation session or do a little gratitude exercise.”

Kate Adams, founder of Thankly

Start early

“My number one productivity secret is a commitment to getting up early each day and cultivating a killer morning routine. It helps set me up for a highly productive and purpose driven day. My routine gets me out of bed at 5am and off to the gym, followed by meditation, reflection on my goals and planning for the day ahead. I’m done by 7:30. Productive habits, like all habits, piggyback off of one another.”

Nathan Spataro, co-founder of Flux

Utilise apps

“Evernote is my productivity secret. I like to map up my whole day using the Evernote app—it’s extremely handy when I can access everything from the same place. What’s great about it is that I can also take camera shots of files like client quotes, which I can upload onto Evernote, and ensure that I have a copy on me at all times, even when I’m out of the office. Aside from Evernote, my standing desk at work also helps me boost my productivity—it gets my blood flowing and encourages me to stretch or take a walk away from the desk every now and then. This ensures that I’m more focused when I get back to work.”

Ben Handler, co-founder and CEO of Cohen Handler

Group similar tasks together

“I try and stay in control of my day by grouping certain tasks together. If it’s a matter of repeating the same exercise, such as calling any leads or responding to email enquiries, then I try and do all of them in one sitting. This helps me to stay in the zone and retain my focus. I also use quite a few productivity apps. My favourite one is Evernote, which lets me create to-do lists according to deadline and category, such as today, next week, or client work.”

Alastair Coleman, founder and digital strategist of Nothing But Web

To learn more invaluable productivity tips, head to Business Insider and download the Evernote app.

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